ItalianModa Franchise Programme

Are you opening a Shop, Boutique or Outlet?

Make it an ItalianModa Shop!

Sell exclusive sought-after hard-to-find Italian Fashion Products!



Dear Friend,

ItalianModa is glad to announce a new exciting business opportunity, which is quickly becoming the leading fashion franchising opportunity in most countries.

The company has been operating successfully the ItalianModa Marketplace ( ) since 2000, becoming an internationally-acclaimed example of successful business. It helps an outstanding number of Italian manufacturers and international Buyers to get together and develop profitable business, daily.

ItalianModa® has also become a popular brand, easily recognizable by any consumer interested in Italian fashion products. One word says it all!

ItalianModa® is becoming even the brand name of an innovative franchise programme targeted to new or existing shops aiming to sell quality Italian fashion products.

In a nutshell, when joining the franchise programme your shop gets:

•  the license to use ItalianModa® as shop name and logo .

•  international marketing and advertisement actions run through the Internet and other media.

•  the exclusivity of the brand name for its village or city, according to the rule of only one shop every 75,000 inhabitants (larger cities may host multiple ItalianModa Shops).

•  high or very high quality supplies from select Italian manufacturers of exclusive fashion products, making your offer really unique and sourcing from an unprecedented huge source of models, styles, and qualities.

•  no obligation to purchase from a single Italian supplier : choose your favorite ones from the hundreds joining the ItalianModa Marketplace! Select the best for quality, prices and payment conditions!

•  direct relationship with each Italian supplier, with no middleman in-between (lower purchasing costs!).

•  no compulsory scheduled purchases: source your stock from the ItalianModa Italian suppliers whenever you really need it!

•  most products offered by the ItalianModa Suppliers can be requested with the exclusive TRUE ITALY® Tag protection, delivering to your customers a personal and verifiable guarantee of the authentic Italian origin of each product sold at your store. Be the first in your city to offer TRUE ITALY® protected products!

•  a presence in the ItalianModa® shops WEB site, where all the international consumers willing to buy Italian fashion merchandise can find the nearest store. Yours!

•  and much more!


Unless other franchising programme, the ItalianModa® one offers the higher degree of freedom and the best convenience. Sell the best in Italian fashion, choosing among a huge range of high quality exclusive hard-to-find products and purchase direct from the manufacturers at lower prices!

You have only two main, extremely reasonable, obligations:

  • an annual franchise fee of as little as 400.00 Euro (including the rights to use the ItalianModa® trademark as your shop name).
  • 80% at least of your stock on sale at the ItalianModa® Shop must be purchased from ItalianModa Suppliers only.

That's all!

Visitors of the ItalianModa Marketplace are entitled to join the franchise programme at even better conditions! If you join now and decide to name your next shop “ItalianModa”, you have a great opportunity:

If you are going to open a new shop or reshape an existing one, making it different from the competition, the ItalianModa® franchise programme is your best opportunity.

Italian-made fashion is really sought after everywhere. The usual popular designer brands are sold everywhere and everyone can buy them. More, about 80% of the "branded" products you can find on the market is a likely fake! Only an ItalianModa Shop sells the best in Italian fashion that one cannot find anywhere else.

Make your shop the most wanted shop in town!

Write to for more details or to join the ItalianModa franchise programme. Srl
via Carlo Moreschi 60
22072 Cermenate (CO)
Phone: +39-031-722473
Fax : --+39-031-4036965
VAT 025610135
DUNS: 440075120

Version 2.0

  • great Name for your Shop

  • global marketing

  • global advertising

  • exclusive Italian Products

  • large range of suppliers

  • huge range of Products

  • buy when you need

  • buy what you like

  • no middleman

  • lower prices

  • no compulsory purchases

  • Authentic Italian Items

  • free WEB presence

  • ItalianModa as Shop Name

  • 80% of your stock must come from any Italian company joining the ItalianModa Marketplace

  • clean & simple look

  • white as main color inside

  • 600 square feet (about 55 sq. meters) minimum surface

  • located in or not far from the city's center or in select shopping malls

  • a couple of large front windows at least
  • See a few examples of ItalianModa Shops in the world!


    You can apply now (no obligation) for the ItalianModa Franchise Programme.

    Your Application will be duly evaluated and you will be notified if your Profile matches the Programme.

    Apply now!

    Most of the Italian Manufacturers you can source from offer products protected by the TRUE ITALY Tag, the only real way to give your customers a Personal and Verifiable Guarantee of Italian origin and Authenticity of the exclusive products you sell.

    Authentic Italian made products !

    One more benefit making yours a really different Shop!

    Learn more about TRUE ITALY now!